That’s why the new Hyundai platform is a better choice than the Tata Nexon and Kia Sonet

Hyundai has recently launched a new Venue in our market and it is equipped with the full range of first features in the segment that make it even more attractive.

The recently launched Hyundai Venue has many features that make it better than the Tata Nexon and Kia Sonet. The venue was a popular offer in the segment, as evidenced by its impressive monthly sales. The variety of powerful engine options, the cabin with the features, the combination of convenient functions and comfortable driving have attracted many car buyers to this versatile SUV. And now, in its last iteration, the Venue was even better than before, thus gaining a clear advantage over its competitors. Here are 5 of the many factors that make a new offer better than Nexon and Sonet –

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The Hyundai platform is better than the Tata Nexon and Kia Sonet

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Sporty, stronger performance

The venue offers a 1.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection gasoline engine combined with a 2nd generation 7-speed DCT. For comparison, Nexon’s petro engine has slightly less torque and is combined with a relatively simple 6-speed AMT. Even Sonet misses the last 7 speeds DCT. The updated DCT is the most sporty of these, making it a great vehicle for driving enthusiasts. In addition to strong performance, it even optimizes fuel efficiency. Even better, the new location offers drivers driving modes that help them fine-tune performance according to operating conditions.

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Tech Laden

Although Hyundai products are always full of technology, the new space will rise to a new level. There are first-class features in many segments, such as sitting in the back seat, a 4-way electric driver’s seat, Sounds of Nature’s special surround music playback, built-in voice commands that can be used even without the internet, and Alexa’s ability to connect from home to car (H2C). Google Home Assistant, etc. Since these are all first features in the segment, you won’t find them on Nexon and Sonet or even on any other car in this segment!

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2022 hyundai venue feature of nature sounds
One of the highlights of the 2022 Hyundai Venue equipment list will be the custom Sound of Nature feature, which comes from cars that are several times more expensive.

Possibility to connect

What attracts the attention of MZ audiences in this era is communication. With this in mind, the 2022 Hyundai Venue comes with an updated Bluelink connected car kit with more than 60 features, a multilingual user interface (UI) consisting of 10 regional and 2 international languages, and multiple user profiles for personal experience. – Maps and information entertainment system, smartphone communication, etc. for air updates. For comparison, Tata Motors’ iRA Connected Car Tech comes with only 27 features, while the Kia Sonet UVO Connected Car Tech has 58 features. Both vehicles were deprived of regional language support.

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With a strong focus on safety, Hyundai always pushes the envelope by equipping its vehicles with the best safety equipment in the segment. As before, even the latest Hyundai Venue comes with 6 airbags, while Tata Nexon comes with only 2 airbags. Side and curtain airbags provide enhanced protection in the event of an accident. Having 6 airbags gives passengers peace of mind on difficult roads in our country.

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The interior of the new Hyundai Venue is much more spacious than the Nexon and Sonet. In fact, the rear cabin space of the new seat can now be compared to some more expensive models. The sense of space in the new seat has been significantly improved, and even the back seat is the most comfortable in its class. While many compact SUVs damage the rear space or luggage space (in some cases, even both!), The Hyundai Venue stands out from the rest by offering an uncompromising package. Rear passengers not only enjoy the leg and shoulder space, but also the 350-liter cargo space will amaze you with the amount of cargo that can be swallowed.

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These are some of the most promising reasons why the new Hyundai Venue is a better choice than competitors like the Tata Nexon and Kia Sonet. All in all, the new space serves as a classic example of a great package polished to perfection!

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