Tesla OTA software update includes media profiles, better range calculation

Tesla is releasing its latest 2022.16.0.2 aerial software update with some new features and some improvements.

New media player accounts can now be linked to driver profiles, allowing users to automatically access their personal Spotify account while in the driver’s seat and make quick changes while someone else is driving.

The most impressive new application is Navigation Energy Prediction, which can more accurately predict the remaining range of the vehicle by analyzing the forecast weather. According to the release notes:

“When using online navigation, you can improve the energy forecast of your route by adding predictive wind, gusts, humidity and ambient temperature.”

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The technology has been tested for some time, but it is being introduced for the first time to a wider audience of owners. We hope this works well with the new feature, which shows the driver’s anxiety in the range, as well as the waiting time in Superchargers on a given route and can change the navigation accordingly.

A small but important update for some, TeslaMic is a recipient of improved performance to reduce delays when using Karaoke.

Finally, as Teslascope found, the upgrade offers an option for combined brakes that use permanent braking in conjunction with regenerative braking to provide permanent braking. The system can also accept when the battery level or temperature limits the ability to regenerate.

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