Tata’s first electric car was born 4 years before Nexon Electric – did you know?

You will be amazed at how early Tata began his work and research in the field of electrification.

The EV version of the Bolt hatchback was Tata Motors’ first electric vehicle 4 years before the Nexon EV. This model was developed by the R&D division of Tata Motors in the UK. In fact, Tata Motors’ research and development division in the UK has experimented with the entire fleet of vehicles sold and still being sold in India. Tata Ace, Vista and Indica are some popular names for research and development needed to electrify cars. However, these models have never been marketed. See red Tata Bolt with electric motor.

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Tata Bolt is the first pre-Nexon EV

The Bolt EV was inspected by Red Ferret employees in 2016. The design is not much different from the usual bolts sold in India at that time. This still means that Indica is still largely based on next-generation models. It used to be strong and durable. The R&D department re-equipped the battery pack in the lower rear of the vehicle and released the traditional IC engine. No other changes were made to the exterior or interior. The completely black interior gives off a good quality smell for a small car, says the driver. He is also impressed by the dynamics of the vehicle he took to turn it on the test track.

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The Tata Bolt EV was re-equipped with a set of lithium-ion batteries and an 80 kW electric motor powered by e-Drive technology developed by Tata Motors at the time. The battery charges electric motors to cover a distance of about 100 km on a single charge. It can be charged up to 80% in 6-7 hours. The maximum speed of this test mule was about 135 – 140 km / h. There are different driving modes depending on the selection. Regenerative braking was also available and was very strong and aggressive to restore the maximum range.

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The Tata Bolt EV was tested in the UK in 2016, while the Nexon EV was released in India in early 2020 after 4 years.

A Tata Motors official explains that there are no plans to launch the market, as this will be a test tool for future products of the Indian auto giant. And now we know what those other products are. Future products of Tata Motors, such as Curvv (based on the Gen-2 platform) and Avinya (based on the Gen-3 platform), look promising and show the direction of the company.

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