Tata Nexon tore off an electric pole during a high-speed crash

Tata Nexon has repeatedly proved that it is a very safe vehicle in some major accidents by keeping passengers without scratches.

Tata Nexon is one of the cars that will not disappoint passengers even in the most terrible accidents. Awarded with a full 5-star rating by Global NCAP, this proves that Maruti Brezza and Hyundai Venue are made like rival tanks. The story we are reporting today is no different from what was announced earlier. In this case, too, SUVs protected passengers from accidents. However, it is important to note that the car lost control and crashed into a concrete electric pole at high speed.

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Mapusa, Goa disaster

According to the video above, the accident happened recently in Mapusa, Goa. When the driver lost control of the car, the Tata Nexon was reportedly speeding. Then the SUV hit a concrete electric pole on the side of the road. Worst of all, the Honda Activa near the column also crashed. Of course, the blow went very fast. The strong rod was torn from the ground and the force was so high that it split in two. The lower part of it fell on the scooter standing next to it. The second part fell on Tata Nexon.

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The electric pole fell from the roof of Tata Nexon and even broke his windshield. The intensity of the impact can be determined from damage to the front of the vehicle. The bumper and hood are completely damaged. But despite the heavy pole falling from the hill, with great force, perhaps, all the supports are completely intact. This protected the population from any danger. All passengers of the SUV got out of the damaged car without any injuries. This incident shows that this car in the mass market has been repeatedly proven to be safer than some of the more expensive models sold in our market.

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In Mapusa, Goa, a high-speed Tata Nexon was struck by an electric pole after it lost control.

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Tata Nexon 5 star security rating global NCAP

Not many people know that Tata Nexon received an honorary 4-star rating in the first attempt of the Global NCAP disaster test. However, dissatisfied with the score, Tata made some changes to the car and sent it back to the test site. The automaker has introduced a full-channel version of the ABS and a seat belt reminder for the front two seats. This helped the SUV get a full 5 star rating, making it the first Indian car to make it.

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