Tata Harrier crashed shortly after delivery, showing a 5-star safety

The owner of the new Tata Harrier suffered a mass crash immediately after receiving the delivery. Now Tata products are known to be very safe in relation to NCAP ratings. However, Harrier has not yet undergone emergency testing by GNCAP. Nevertheless, his performances in unsuccessful scripts were very positive. In this latest case, the SUV proves that it has to get a very high score in GNCAP every time it is tested.

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Tata Harrier was in a big accident

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Nikhil Rana, who continues to post such videos to stay informed about the urgency of buying a car with a high safety rating. Not much is known about this event. However, it was reported that the owner delivered it a few hours ago and the SUV crashed almost immediately. A white SUV collided with a truck and was seriously injured.

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The entire front of the SUV was deformed, the bumper and radiator were unrecognizably wrinkled, the headlight, hood and chassis were damaged, the side doors were slammed, and the windshield and windows were broken. However, the side pillars prevented the impact from entering the cabin, thus protecting all passengers inside the SUV. Despite such a large-scale accident, it is impressive that Harrier was able to protect its passengers, saying that the GNCAP safety rating will soon be 5 stars.

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Shortly after giving birth, Tata Harrier suffered a tragic accident. However, as expected, he defended his people well.

We advise our readers to be extra careful when driving a brand new car. Often the calibration and operation of the brakes, clutches and accelerator will be completely different in a modern car, especially if you are upgrading from an old car. So, it will take some time to adapt to the new car. For the first few days, it makes sense to get used to the dynamics of the new car and drive slowly.

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