Tata Altroz ​​leads the turtle to the divider, and the insurance company denies the claim

You’ve probably met a lot of people who have had problems claiming insurance after an accident, and that’s another thing.

After the hatchback suffered full losses, the insurance company refused to sue the owner of Tata Altroz. Altroz ​​is the safest premium hatchback on our market and has a full 5 star safety rating by GNCAP. In real-world scenarios, it worked according to its safety rating and saved many lives. This time the situation is similar, but the owner was faced with the problem of claiming insurance after the accident. Here is the details of this negative event.

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The insurance company refuses to complain to the owner of Altroz

YouTuber interviews the car owner. He explains the sequence of events that led to this moment when he had to go to social media platforms to express his plight. While driving, he was hit by a divider and overturned. The owner says that the animal suddenly left the road. To save the animal, Altroz ​​hit the divider and was severely injured. He arrived at the scene about 2 hours later because he visited his pregnant wife. After completing all the formalities, the surveyor went without notifying the owner of the car and examined it for damage. This is strange in itself.

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The owner and the surveyor had some arguments in this regard. But New India Insurance agreed to pay Rs 4.76 lakhs as a claim for this loss. However, the IDV cost of the car exceeded 7 million rupees. Therefore, the owner did not accept the offer. Also, according to the owner of the surveyor, he adhered to the IDV. Finally, a few months later, the insurance company declared the owner “no claim” in the case and asked him to go to court to appeal. Many senior executives from Tata Motors and New Indian Insurance were involved.

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The owner of Tata Altroz ​​claims that New India Assurance did not accept the insurance claim unfairly.

As a result of these complications, the owner of the damaged car, which had been parked for 5 months, is now stuck. Insurance officials are not worried about their work as they are a state-owned company. They also told the owner about it. It is surprising to see that the company filed a lawsuit against the owner, and after the owner refused to resolve it, they decided that it was an “unclaimed” case. We need to speak out against such exploitation of the general public by state-owned companies that they think will get rid of everything.

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