Tata Altroz ​​hit a truck during the test – safety rating up to 5 stars

It is not uncommon for test-drive vehicles to be involved in accidents, and this latest situation proves it.

Test drive Tata Altroz ​​was in a difficult situation when it hit a truck on the highway. Altroz ​​is one of the most popular premium hatchbacks in the country. This is the only product in its segment with a 5-star safety rating. Its performance in critical situations has demonstrated the value and need for a car with such a high GNCAP safety rating. Here are the details of this latest story and how Altroz ​​was able to save its inhabitants.

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Tata Altroz ​​test-driven vehicles hit trucks

The video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He regularly posts such videos to raise awareness among car buyers about the importance of investing in safe cars. The incident was reported by the state of Karnataka. A potential Altroz ​​buyer drove a test driver with a dealer manager. In the video, the front left side of the hatchback is buried in the truck. Although the details of this saga are not available, it seems that the truck suddenly hit the brakes. Altroz ​​must have been too close to the truck, so he couldn’t move quickly.

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As a result, the truck was hit and the damage was visually visible. The left windshield was broken, the roof was deformed and the A-column was damaged, but the passenger was able to absorb the impact enough to avoid any injuries. Also, because it was not a frontal collision, the airbags were not activated. Even then, the body was able to protect passengers, which is evidence of the quality of its construction.

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A test block of a high-speed Tata Altroz ​​collided with a truck. Fortunately, no one was injured.

We need to encourage our readers not to be careless on the roads. Test drive vehicles are not designed to do the same. Excessive costs endanger our roads and safety is the most common cause of road accidents. Even if it’s not your fault, drive within the speed limit and follow the traffic rules to be able to drive. Express your feelings about this Tata Altroz ​​test driver car body.

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