Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo concept – roadster with hybrid Hayabusa engine

Suzuki has experience in cycling and cars with the latest Vision Gran Turismo concept for the popular game that combines the best of both worlds. The digital concept is a lightweight, all-wheel drive roadster that uses the Hayabusa engine in combination with a trio of electric motors.

From the design, the Suzuki Vision GT resembles a roofless Swift in steroids, the two-seater cabin is fully open and has a sculptural body. Suzuki says the designers were also inspired by Cappuccino, but when it comes to body style, the two have nothing in common.

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The front of the Vision GT is very similar to the Swift Sport, thanks to a large grille, bumper inputs and aggressive headlights mounted on convex panels. The hood is very long for a medium-sized car, and the lack of panoramic windshield and roof without short columns contributes to the excellent proportions. The LED taillights on the back somehow remind us of the Devon GTX, while the large diffuser with centered dual tubes shows that it’s not an EV.

Inside, the control panel has a very simple layout with mirrors for changing cameras on both sides of the steering wheel. The latter combines start / stop and hazard light buttons, gear shift blades and unmarked controls. The driver can access a cluster of transparent digital devices, nothing else, because such a vehicle does not need information entertainment capabilities.

Turning to the power plant, this may be the best part of the concept. The 1,340 cc four-cylinder petrol engine from Hayabusa is mounted on the back of the cab and is powered by three electric motors – two front and one rear. As a result, the combined performance is 426 hp. (318 kW / 432 PS) and a healthy torque of 610 Nm (450 lb-ft). These numbers may not seem so impressive compared to other Vision GT projects, but we’re sure the screaming Hayabusa engine will do everything well. Also, keep in mind that thanks to the adoption of racing technology, the Suzuki concept weighs only 970 kg.

This isn’t the first time Suzuki has put a Hayabussa engine in a sports car based on the 2001 Suzuki GSX-R / 4 concept. Unfortunately, as before, the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is not designed for production and will remain in the digital world. However, it is good that players can control it. The concept is part of the latest free update to the Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo 7 available for Sony Playstation consoles.

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