Suzuki-Toyota Hyryder rivals Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta

Competitors Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos are called Maruti and Toyota Hyryder, and launch could be around Diwali this year.

The next competitor to Toyota’s Hyundai Creta could be called Hyryder, which can be sold as a YGF under the Maruti brand. We saw Toyota versions of Maruti Baleno and Brezza on the market. This will be the opposite of the Creta competing SUV. It will be developed by Toyota and brought to Maruti for sale under its own name. In addition, this time the two SUVs will have a change in design than the Baleno Glanza and Brezza Urban cruisers.

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The opponent from Krita Maruti and Toyota is Hyryder

There are many spy scenes on the Internet of the upcoming camouflage version of the SUV. This video on YouTube is a rendering of what a Toyota Hyryder might look like. The version shown in the video consists of integrated LED indicators with dual LED DLR lamps on the hood, and the LED headlight part of the main projector is located below the bumper, with a large radiator grille finished in black at the bottom. The bumper looks muscular, and the sturdy and sturdy skating rink highlights the character of the SUV.

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The side view of the digital illustration boasts black-coated rectangular wheel arches, black side supports, roof rails, stylish alloy wheels and a shark floating antenna. Cow bumper with silver slip plate on the back, which ensures the correct positioning of the SUV with LED headlights, slightly scratched cargo windows and reflective light on the edges of the bumper.

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Maruti’s Hyundai Creta Slayer may resemble the international Suzuki Across model shown above.

Interior and features

The interior of the upcoming SUV will have a modern interior with the latest connectivity and comfort. This will be completely different from what we see in Maruti products, as it is developed by Toyota. Toyota Hyryder builds its car on international markets on the popular DNGA platform, which is the basis for many budget products for Daihatsu. As for the powerful engine options, the SUV runs on a 1.5-liter petrol engine with the option of a lightweight or powerful hybrid unit. The exact details will be announced in the near future and the launch is expected to take place this holiday season.

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