Surveillance cameras kidnap Mahindra Scorpion in Maruti Swift gang, Dzire

Car theft is not only one of the most common crimes, but also one of the crimes that provide many car owners with sleepless nights. Despite the various measures taken by the owners to prevent the theft of their valuables, thieves almost always manage to avoid them. These days, car theft gangs are more active in Rajasthan. The group was recently caught on video surveillance. The gang’s approach is simple – it uses the latest-generation Maruti Swift, abducted, to “quickly” steal popular cars such as the Mahindra Scorpio and Dzire. See the video we have below –

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Gone in 60 seconds!

In the first episode above, several car thieves visit Mahindra Scorpio, who is standing outside the house. Soon one of the hooligans went to the SUV and leaned inside. It then takes a few seconds to bypass the ignition lock to start the car. He will soon be able to start the car and drive it in the opposite direction. Swift drives, and Scorpio follows. In the second episode, you see the same Swift approaching Dzire, who is parked on the road. Then two thieves come down from the hatchback.

As the driver of the compact sedan is close to the wall, they break the window glass on the side of the auxiliary driver to open the door. Then one of the two car lifts goes in and turns on. Because it is a narrow lane, the thief goes in the opposite direction, out of the ally and back. Immediately, Swift leaves quickly and is followed by Dzire. One of the peculiarities of these two events is that they take place in less than 60 seconds. This shows how easily the gang can access the controls and turn off the speed. Many of these vehicles are being sold undocumented to anti-social elements, such as drug traffickers. Some of them are even dismantled and sold in unorganized car markets.

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Thieves in Rajasthan saw Maruti Swift use the stolen Mahindra to steal Scorpio, Jire and other vehicles.

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Mahindra Scorpio, Maruti Dzire and others. Favorite of car thieves

Most often, these thieves target popular cars such as Maruti Dzire and Mahindra Scorpio. Because it is easy to find customers for such cars. It seems that a remote alarm system equipped with cars is not enough to prevent such notorious groups from stealing cars. So it is important to be careful. You should try to leave the car outside the house. In addition, steering locks and transmission locks are known to work well because they are difficult to disassemble. Many modern cars are equipped with GPS trackers to help find a stolen car. But, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the best way to prevent your car from being stolen is to always park it in a safe place.

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