In the new study, Audi will address issues such as autonomous driving, such as the “trolleybus problem.”

As we get closer to a world full of autonomous cars, there are many questions to be answered about technology. Legislation, infrastructure and car design need to change over time, and this has worried some communities. Now Audi is trying to address this concern with new research.

Last December, Audi announced a new initiative called & Audi to explore the overall social dimension of autonomous driving. To do this, they began research with the help of experts in the field and called it “Social”. Now the results have come out and Audi has considered some of its findings.

One of the biggest concerns about autonomous vehicles is how they address issues such as the “trolleybus problem.” In other words, there is no way to prevent injuries to passengers, other people outside the vehicle, or both, how they deal with dangerous situations.

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A few years ago, Mercedes boldly declared that the safety of its cars was a top priority, and thus they foresaw the conclusions of Audi. The carmaker says that a car can only do what it is programmed to do, because no matter how advanced it is, it is not a person who thinks and understands. “Only he can make and accept the ethical decisions and values ​​of the people who created it, and apply them without his own interpretation,” the study said.

One of the above experts, Christoph Lutt, further explained this sentiment by explaining what the priorities are for many manufacturers: “We need to go through a theoretical dilemma to address the pressing issues that affect companies. responsibility and risk assessment “. Of course, Audi covers very well a number of other topics Regarding the future of autonomous vehicles, such as legislation, the issue of making driving more interesting or requiring fewer parking spaces.

Another important issue that worries many is how vulnerable self-propelled vehicles are to hacker attacks. Audi actually shows that autonomous cars are not more vulnerable than other cars. He also acknowledges that vulnerabilities need to be identified and exploited, and that risks are paramount.

The study will also look at how the infrastructure needs to change to better connect these vehicles, and how the car design itself shifts to focusing more on the cab. It also makes it clear that the first autonomous vehicles could not go anywhere, as infrastructure plays a role in this aspect.

In general, it seems that large companies such as Audi are trying to resolve the situation as soon as possible. What do you think about autonomous driving? Do you want fewer people to drive your cars and allow you to drive computers, or do you want to worry more about the limitations of technology?

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