Special LEVC TX taxis dedicated to the Queen’s platinum anniversary can make London a shining place.

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 70th birthday and British carmakers have special gifts for the occasion. After McLaren unveiled the new paint and organized the Jaguar Land Rover 26 car parade, it was LEVC’s turn to present their “gift”. The creator of the famous London taxi has unveiled a trio of electric TX models with platinum windings that will take part in the festivities.

Although London is not famous for its sunshine, the platinum packaging of electric taxis seems to be very reflective. In addition to the glossy chrome finish applied to the entire body of the TX, the model remains a stock. Thus, we should not expect an ultra-stylish layout of LEVC TX special models tuned by Sutton or Lorinser, but at least there will be plenty of space for guests.

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The three special LEVC TXs do not serve as taxis for the general public, as they are designed to take the VIP to their seats before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Competition. The event will take place this Sunday, June 5 at the Mall in central London and will be televised around the world. Thousands of artists from the Commonwealth will take part in the performance.

Launched in 2018 by Chinese carmaker Geely, the LEVC TX is available with fully electric and scalable hybrid power unit options. In addition to the taxi version, which operates in London, Paris and Tokyo, including various cities, the TX also comes with a taste of light commercial vehicles, and the automaker also joked about the camper van.

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