SP expects to send solid test batteries to BMW and Ford by the end of the year

Solid Power, one of the few companies that make solid-state batteries, said today that it is ready to deliver Silicon EV Cells to car partners by the end of the year.

Working with BMW and Ford, the cells will be dedicated to internal testing and qualification. Doug Campbell, CEO of Solid Power, said he was encouraged by the company’s success as the last step in launching next-generation batteries.

Campbell said in a statement: “The installation of a pilot network of these EV cells will allow us to produce EV-scale cells suitable for starting the official car qualification process.” “In the coming quarters, we will work to bring the pilot network of EV cells to its full capacity and expect to deliver all solid-state cells on an EV scale to our partners by the end of this year.”

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The Solid Power pilot line expects to be able to produce 15,000 large-format sulfide-based cells a year when operating at full capacity. Campbell said in an interview ReutersHowever, the company’s long-term goal is not to become a cell manufacturer.

Instead, the pilot line is designed to confirm that cells can be produced in existing lithium-ion cell production lines. It will then work with partners such as SK Innovation, which is building a joint cell plant with Ford in Tennessee, to produce batteries large enough to supply automakers.

Solid Power’s Silicon EV cells are designed to provide a wide range of vehicles at a lower cost, significantly reducing the risk of fire. This is not the only company competing in the competition to create a new generation of battery technology.

“We are one of the most outstanding and reliable players,” Campbell said, adding that Solid Power is “competing with big boys like Toyota, Panasonic, Samsung, LG Energy Solution, Hyundai and CATL.”

His partner BMW seems confident in technology. The carmaker has promised to produce a demonstration car using solid batteries by 2025.

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