Someone is buying a Ferrari F50 luggage and it has already attracted a $ 9,000 offer.

I’ve done a fair part of making fun of people who wear car brands, but I have to admit that this Ferrari luggage is very beautiful.

Schedoni is specially designed for the Ferrari F50, which includes a handbag, a clothing bag and a sports bag. A set made of black leather with black stitching and contrasting segments of red suede can now be yours.

The handbag has a carrying handle and two metal hooks mounted on the top. It comes with a leather name, a red accent on the top and a metal Ferrari logo. Inside, at this time he gets a gray vinyl mat with a familiar horse motif, as well as storage pockets.

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The bag is folded in half and is very comfortable to carry a suit. It also gets a metal logo under the handle, a red suede accent and a full-length zipper with the Ferrari brand. Inside, it has the same lining, as well as a hanging perch and a plastic tray to keep it in shape and not fold your clothes. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

The duffel bag may be the simplest of the three, but it also gets the Ferrari logo and a full-length zipper. All three items come with appropriate luggage storage bags for travel between trips.

The current owner bought the bags in 2017 and now sells them Bring a trailer From Portland, Oregon. They are on sale without reserves and the auction will end on June 4.

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