Skoda Auto India is renovating showrooms to improve the consumer experience

As Kushaq and Slavia are the pillars of India 2.0 strategy, Skoda Auto has updated all its showrooms to improve the car buying experience.

Skoda Auto India has introduced a completely new uniform experience with updated aesthetics and immersive and interactive technologies to improve the car buying experience. While Slavia and Kushak remain the heroes of the Indian carmaker’s India 2.0 strategy, the new development is in line with the carmaker’s efforts to improve and enhance the overall consumer experience.

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Commenting on the refurbished showroom experience, Zack Hollis, Director of ODKODA AUTO India, said: “We have always supported India 2.0 not only for cars, but also for a complete redefinition of the consumer experience. Although SLAVIA and KUSHAQ are the torchbearers of the project’s product line, our new revolutionary showrooms are the torchbearer of our approach to consumers in the first place, helping us to become the biggest year for ŠKODA AUTO in India. These revolutionary showrooms feature unprecedented interactive and immersive elements, making ŠKODA not only a memorable ownership experience, but also a memorable shopping experience. As for the experience of buying, inspecting, testing and purchasing a car, it goes completely beyond the gate post.

Updated Skoda Auto India dealers

All Skoda showrooms will now have a touch-screen digital car information stand next to each car on display. This replaces the technical description sheet printed on paper and placed next to the vehicle. In addition to showing the technical characteristics of the car, the digital unit even shows the features and options. It even offers the ability to compare with other interesting content.

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Even the consumer room will now have a 139.7 cm touch interactive table. This allows consumers to interact virtually with the car through 360-degree internal and external views. The interactive table provides information about the cars available, their variants and even color options. The renovated Skoda India showrooms now follow the theme of a warm concept. Instead of white walls, there are rich wood finishes with natural graphics, modern works of art and paintings from the Czech Republic. Heritage walls show the pedigree of Skoda Auto. In addition, there is a video wall with a giant screen to set and change the dealer’s atmosphere.

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All Skoda Auto India salons will have a large screen to set and change the dealer’s atmosphere, as well as to show the features of all Skoda models available in the market.

The iConsultant app helps consumers see all available Skoda cars in all available color options through multiple video and feature modules. There are even two cars in each showroom. In some showrooms, they are placed on a wooden floor to further enhance the sense of luxury. In some car showrooms, these cars are put on the road map.

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