Several Boston parking attendants have been accused of writing fake tickets to quit their jobs.

Boston says it is battling about a dozen parking attendants accused of writing fake parking tickets to pretend it works.

This was announced by the head of the street Yasha Franklin-Hodge Boston Herald he has “clear evidence” of wrongdoing by six officers and six others are under investigation. Officers fraudulently issued tickets to unnumbered vehicles or commercial freight operators.

Parking tickets were then returned or processed by companies that agreed with the city to pay several fines en masse at the end of the month, so it is unlikely to notice one or two additional fines. The officers were smart enough to notice the wrong link and not give the complainants bad tickets.

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Moreover, if you have a paper ticket, it may have been seriously issued, because in the end, fake fines seem to have been a way for law enforcement officers to resign. That is, they made false allegations to pretend that they were working.

This may have led to their downfall, as Boston Department of Transportation vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, making it easier for officers to verify that they were present when a ticket was issued. The investigation began in 2021 when a trucking company arrived in the city with concerns that several of its trucks had been fined heavily than ever before, prompting an investigation.

“Confidence cannot be breached,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “I am grateful for the prompt action taken by Chief Franklin-Hodge and his team after BPD became aware of this issue. We will work hard to bring those responsible to justice. “

Franklin-Hodge said he was unaware that the city was coordinating law enforcement efforts, but sent the results to the Boston Police Department, which is investigating. Five of the six officers who said there was “clear evidence” in the city had either retired or resigned since the investigation began. The other officer is on unpaid leave until the next hearing.

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