Is it possible to tow a Mahindra Tar 7500 kg JCB excavator?

We all know about the amazing feats that Mahindra Tar can take away, but it seems very difficult to tow a giant JCB excavator, right?

A video has surfaced on the Internet showing Mahindra Tar trying to drag JCB and then pull a rope with him. Mahindra Tar is the most popular SUV in the country. This is a relatively cheaper option like the Isuzu V-Cross, Toyota Hilux or Jeep Wrangler. That’s why it is so popular and constantly publishes impressive sales figures. But this video limits the test by showing that it competes with the JCB excavator.

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Mahindra Thar Tows JCB Excavator?

The video was posted by a YouTube user who drove Thar and JCB away for security reasons. Initially, the Thar is tied to the front of the JCB excavator with a solid rope. Once the connection is secure, Thar begins hauling 8,000 kg of JCB. The narrow can pull it some distance, and allows the operator to sit inside the JCB to control the steering wheel and apply the brakes when the trick is complete. It was just impressive. The owner of the tar pulls the JCB several times to prove the ability of the tar and repeats this method several times.

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Then the tails of both cars were tied to the tug of war. This proves the real power of both. However, to everyone’s surprise, he was able to hold the Narrow JCB excavator for a long time until JCB pulled it out a bit. But Tar was able to behave again. This lasted for a while, and JCB did not completely capture Tar, as most of us expected. This should be considered a victory for SUVs.

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Mahindra Tow pulls a JCB excavator.

In conclusion, we urge our readers not to do such tricks with their own cars. Vehicles should not do this and such actions can have a long-term effect on the vehicle’s mechanical parts and engine parts. YouTubers do this for content and are willing to take malware. But you do not want to destroy your car for such a short time.

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