See the SCG 004S supercar undergo a side impact test without the need for airbags.

Modern vehicles are safer with all kinds of technologies used to prevent accidents, as well as to reduce injuries to passengers in the event of their occurrence. However, one company, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, has taken its safety to the next level, as their SCG 004S supercar has recently been able to pass a side impact test without the need for side airbags.

It underwent a 32 mph (51 km / h) movable / deformable barrier test, which included driving a “bullet” vehicle to the side of the vehicle at a speed of 32 mph. The front of the ammunition vehicle is equipped with a deformable barrier, which is designed to simulate the side effects on the passenger compartment in the event of a collision with the vehicle. As mentioned above, the 004S passed this test without an airbag, which is not an easy feat for any automaker, not to mention small garments such as SCG.

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This is especially difficult because, unlike the frontal shock, which acts as a wrinkled area before the force reaches the passenger compartment in the engine compartment, it does not have a sidewall, so it must be sufficiently deformed to absorb the impact and remain strong enough. to protect the population. It is even more important to exclude airbags from this equation, ie SCG must have done some complex engineering work to bring the damaged structures of the vehicle to this level of protection.

SCG considers them to be the only automakers that have passed the 32 mph / deformable barrier test without an airbag, and a photo of the test vehicle can be seen from above. The car looks quite worn out, but here it is. The body is designed to bear the burden of damage, leaving the cabin completely to ensure the safety of passengers. You can watch the SCG video below to see for yourself how the crash test works.

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