See how to get through the Fastag Lane without a fast

FASTag is designed to save you a lot of time without waiting in line at toll plazas on highways. But what if you don’t have a FASTag in your car?

If you don’t have FASTag installed in your car, here’s a quick trick to help you at the checkout. You may have heard that people who do not have a FASTag on their cars have to pay double the fare when paying in cash. Obviously, this can be prevented. If for some reason you have not yet covered the FASTag sticker on the windshield, you can use a simple turn to easily pass through the paid plazas.

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Trick Toll Booth FASTag

The famous YouTuber shares this hack as Shorts on his channel. He is waiting at the toll booth, but there is no FASTag sign on the windshield. However, he created a FASTag account and added it to his bank account. Information on registration of his vehicle, etc. is included in the account. added. Now, when it’s your turn at the place of payment, you can directly ask the operator to use the license plate of your car. If you have a FASTag balance, it will be deducted and you can easily pass. It takes almost as much time as a FASTag standard scan. If necessary, you can try it next time in the paid section to learn another way to save money.

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Here we would like to suggest that this is a great breach and, of course, legal, but the operators of the payment point can cause unnecessary problems. Sticking FASTag to the windshield remains the best way to save yourself from unwanted drama on a paid platform. Be sure to place it where scanners can easily read it. You also need to walk slowly before crossing the boom barrier so that the scanners have enough time to read the FASTag.

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Fasting was mandatory at all payment points. Cars without fasting pay twice as much.

Most people walk a little closer to the front car, which forces the scanners to skip the car. Then you need to turn your car back or ask FASTag to scan it manually to go through a paid operator. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

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