Rob Dam drives the 1350 HP Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette, which embarrasses the plaid Tesla

Rob Dam and Top Gear have released the final episode of the American tuned series, which features a wild corvette. This is 1350 a.c. The beast contains two turbochargers, methanol fuel and a special control unit to back it up with a little nitrogen.

Dam is known for his constant desire to add more power and performance to his cars. In the process, he learned a lot about how important it is to tune cars and precisely manage physical components. He is currently taking private lessons with Fueltech CEO Anderson Dick.

Its vehicle control units, or VCUs, basically take on all the essential functions of a simple street vehicle computer. The VCU simplifies the setup process and bypasses any type of encryption or blocking that may occur on an OEM computer. This allowed the adjustable C8 Corvette to use a quarter of a mile in 8.97 seconds using its performance parts.

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In fact, much of this success and speed may depend not only on the computer’s ability to simplify the setup process, but also on the new power it provides. For example, the Fueltech VCU is used in this application to improve shift speeds and provide the simplest sequence of vehicle start-up control.

On several trips along the way, we see the benefits of that system by pressing both pedals at once before Dick and Dam lift the brakes to start running. In fact, the speed of this car may not be the most impressive about it. One thing is clear every time Corvette gets off the road: this car is masterfully tuned. No driver works hard to steer or steer the nose to the finish line.

The VCU traction works perfectly to reduce power as much as possible, and support parts such as the drive and tires work for this purpose. This car can not only smoke the fastest Tesla, but also make it in a non-dramatic style.

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