Does GMC need a sports Denali crossover in its range?

If General Motors builds the sports Denali crossover by 2030, it may look like this.

This eye-catching concept was created by GM exterior designer Zach Parkinson and is a very futuristic twist on the Denali tile. It is so futuristic that it has virtually nothing to do with modern Denali pickups and GMC SUVs. However, this is not a bad thing.

The thick artificial mesh with a complex pattern immediately makes the front of the truck stand out. Sharp LED headlights are wrapped on both sides of the grille. The front of the Denali has a large GMC logo and an amazing bumper.

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Elsewhere, Parkinson created a crossover with a rectangular front wheel arches and a shaped hood with gorgeous creases and curves. Given that this is a concept and does not require practicality, traditional wing mirrors have a very low ceiling with narrow windshields and rear-facing cameras instead. Although not decorated with the Denali doors in the picture, it can look good as a two-door crossover coupe.

Of course, it is unlikely that there will be a similar model Denali, but if such a car became a reality, you would not hear any complaints from us.

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