Review of Tata Nexon Diesel ownership after 2 Lac km

Tata Nexon has been announcing regular sales in the market for a long time and this owner shares the experience of owning it after traveling more than 2 km.

Here is a user of Tata Nexon, who shares his experience of owning his diesel SUV after traveling more than 2 km. Now Tata is known for making durable products with high construction quality that can withstand the test of time. The owner feels the same way and his family owns about 27 Tata cars, which was his first Made-in-India car. He bought this Nexon in 2018 and completed 2 lakhs of km in just 4 years.

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Tata Nexon Diesel Ownership Experience

The compact SUV is in great shape whether you look at it from the outside or enter the cabin. Nexon’s red color is not worn, and the car does not have many scratches or dents. It is a pleasant surprise that Nexon is running in the city on a regular basis, about 20-22 km / l. On highways, this number easily exceeds the 25 km / l mark. The owner also kept the interior very well, as can be seen in the video. Only the seat covers need to be replaced.

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The only thing that can be done for vehicle maintenance is regular maintenance. The driver is a car enthusiast and knows what items need to be replaced at each service interval. It also encourages each owner to read the user manual and do only what it says to save money. He had just replaced the battery with the tires and had traveled more than 2,06,000 kilometers. This says a lot about the quality of the assembly and the quality of the engine components.

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Tata Nexon 2 Varnish Ownership Review

Finally, the owner and YouTuber admit that the service is expensive and can be quite difficult with any brand. In addition, several models may have defects due to mechanical or electrical components. However, Tata Motors has worked hard to get rid of all the major issues encountered in some models of Nexon, and for this reason the latest genetic model announces impressive sales every month. Tell us how you feel about owning a Tata Nexon diesel.

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