A special BMW Z4 with Alfa Romeo grille and wheels was found hiding in the parking lot of Villa D’Este.

Villa D’Este 2022 had a lot of interesting cars, but the name of the strangest work is given in the example of the picture in the parking lot. Helen Walkerley. This previous generation BMW Z4 Alfa Romeo was re-equipped with a grille, emblems and an appropriate set of dial wheels, which led to a malfunction of the vehicle detection part of our brain.

The yellow Z4 was removed from BMW elements and trim parts, including the kidney grille. The lower entrances on the front bumper retain the shape of the BMW M, but the situation is completely different in the center, where the black Scudetto grille from Alfa Romeo Giulia was replaced.

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Photo by Helen Walkerley

The end result looks very close to OEM quality, with beautiful paint on the bumper that retains the usual sized panel spaces and front parking sensors. In addition, the V-shaped dynamic lines on the long cover of the Z4 point to the Alfa Romeo sign, and the angle of the headlights corresponds to the sides of the Scudetto grille. To be honest, most non-car people can easily make a mistake with a simple production model.

Turning to the profile, the Alfa Romeo alloy wheels with a five-hole design look great in the proportions of the Z4 RWD roadster, especially with the light yellow color of the sculptural body and the gray finish, which contrasts with the red calipers. The finishing touches are the Alfa Romeo emblems on the billboards and the Roadster sticker with a fancy font.

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Photo by Helen Walkerley

Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of the back, but we think the simple Alpha Romeo logo and the letters Spider will accomplish this task. Although the Busso V6 engine is a worthy choice to be built to this order, we doubt whether there are any mechanical modifications. It is unknown who or why will make such changes to give the Z4 an Italian fragrance, but it is clear that a lot of time, skills and money were spent to achieve this result.

It will be recalled that ten years ago, the Italian design house Zagato BMW Z4 was fragrant for both coupe and roadster, which comes with a completely redesigned body and lighting fixtures. However, these were concept cars and came with the usual BMW markings and a kidney grille.

This creature surprised us, what do you think if BMW partnered with Alpha Romeo for the new Spider? Judging by the reactions that the latest generation BMW Z4 is closely linked to the Toyota GR Supra, it’s a good thing that the Italian-German marriage was only a one-time order, but you can comment on the comments below. .

Thank you Helen Walkerley for photos!

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