Review of Filipinos Made-in-India Suzuki S-Presso

Southeast Asian countries get a lot of Mad-in-India cars, and this British couple living in the Philippines reviews the Suzuki S-Presso, which is the cheapest car in the country.

This video details a practical review of a Filipino Indian-made Suzuki S-Presso. The British couple has been living in the Philippines for some time. They say that I fell in love with the country and island life. They decided to buy the cheapest S-Presso in the country. This is a model made in India. So let’s find out what these foreigners think about micro SUVs.

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Philippines Review Made-in-India S-Presso

First, they were surprised by the price of the new car, which has the status of the cheapest car in the country. Given this tag, the couple thought that the car would be too small and equipped with absolute basic features. But to their surprise, they found that the car was adequate and the cabin was spacious. They sit down and point to the space at the back and how many feet there are. All three places have seat belts. Boot space is something that amazes them. They went to buy vegetables and came back with a few bags. After downloading them, there is still a lot of space left. To get home, YouTuber brings an ordinary-sized suitcase and puts it in his boots to highlight the space offered.

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Second, the owners were surprised by the performance of the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine. The recommended 67 horsepower is enough to get them up and down the mountain. Their destination is to cross a high mountain range. Initially worried about this, the couple felt comfortable after crossing the mountain relatively easily. The engine was a little stiff when pushed hard, but this is a normal feature of a small 3-cylinder engine.

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The owner of the Made-in-India Suzuki S-Presso reviews the car he recently bought.

Lastly, the AC and interior features are a great plus for being in a small budget car. Overall, the British Filipinos are very pleased with the Indian-made Suzuki S-Presso, which can be seen in the review of the micro-SUV. Express your opinion about this unique experience of foreigners.

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