Replaced by our fictional bumper, the Jag XKR is an alternative to the Nissan Z.

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There are reviews of the 2023 Nissan Z and they shine like a casting furnace. We also know that the Z starts at just $ 39,990, but each car in the same base version and above shares a 400-horsepower (406 PS) bi-turbo V6. Now all we have to do is sit down and wait for our orders to be fulfilled.

This will take some time due to production delays, but North American Z fans will have to get their cars by the end of the summer. In Europe, where I live, we can’t get the letter Z. Even if we take Toyota Supra, Nissan’s main competitor, it is not cheap.

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder British-style Supra at the starting level costs £ 47,505. That’s $ 59,400. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder car costs £ 55,880 and is $ 69,850. Unfortunately, this is not news. Many cars look more expensive on this side of the Atlantic, but unused Jaguars. There are mining items here and they are cheap, including the 2006-2014 XK coupes.

Remember the second generation XK? It is very similar to the Aston Martin DB9, as it was created by former Aston designer Ian Callum. He graduated in 2006 with 296 a.c. (300 horsepower) with a 4.2-liter V8 engine, but in 2007 the Jag was replaced by an R and a supercharger on the engine, producing a powerful 414 hp. The situation was interesting when increased to (420 horses). PS).

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I drove a few miles when these cars were new and they are very comfortable to drive, especially in the Car & Driver version, the original 60 mile (97 km / h) XKR with 4.5 seconds and the 4.0 engine in 2009 with 5.0 liters and 503 a.k.a. (510 horsepower) a few seconds after the upgrade. However, you can buy an early car in the UK for £ 10,000 (equivalent to $ 12,500).

The reasons you don’t want to do this are concerns about Jaguar electric grills (even new cars have been bad for that). But you’re less than 70 years old, and you’re more likely to see a horrible front when the Beatles era is one of the biggest extinctions. The XK Jaguar dates back to a time when it was just getting rid of the retro design with cars like the X-Type, S-Type and XJ, and the process was very slow for designer Callum. Let’s see the rest.

Before the XK reached the front edge of the hood, it was a very crisp, modern-looking GT that suddenly came in the 1960s with an oval grille that didn’t fit the car at all, but was designed to preserve Jag’s antiquity. , conservative buyers are happy. Post-2011 styled cars looked a little better, but these were still awkward styles and an attempt to distract you from the oval mesh with the limited edition XKR-S GT (pictured above) by painting the bumper under the Jag. The black was only partially successful.

Secure the grille by attaching the bumper, I always thought you could fix the car. I’m not the only one who thinks about it. A British company called Grantley design XK makes your device look like an F-type, but it’s a very complicated procedure that requires you to remove new headlights, bumpers, shields, floor covers, and £ 10,000 ($ 12.5 thousand) from your bank account.

This may be a tenth of the cost of buying a David Brown Automotive Speedback, which is the XKR that became the modern Aston DB6, but it’s still a lot of money to spend on a relatively cheap used car. What about modifying a simple bumper that stores the original headlights and fencing? Is there anything bold, modern and boxy that has updated the XK? The nets are not much more boxy than the new 2023 Nissan Z (above).

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Or if it’s less yes square, try this with the Toyota GR86 front bumper (pictured below) or adapt the existing bumper to Jag’s own F-Type grille (pictured below), we think it works really well.

It is clear that the new nose will not solve all the other problems of the 10-15-year-old Jag coupe, including the terrible information and entertainment system, unpleasant steering wheel and small rear seats (but not in the Z). And in the United States, where the price of a used XKR-S starts at about $ 20,000, Jag is not such a deal. That’s why we don’t recommend the XK, which has a ton of fiberglass on the front, as a real alternative to the new Nissan Z. But this simple make-up, of course, helps to update the low-priced, but unfortunately very unpleasant GT. . Remember that there is also a convertible version.

Do you think you can make a better bumper transformation for the forgotten XK? Show us your work! Or you can think of some great cars that can be saved from uncertainty through easy repairs. Leave a comment and let us know.

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