Repeat the 1930s with this glorious Bugatti Type 59 / 50S

World billionaires can save their Bugatti Chirons and Divos cars, and if you want to know a really interesting Bugatti story, this 1935 59 / 50S can be a great car.

This Type 59 / 50S story is very interesting. Bugatti originally introduced the Type 59 in 1933 and developed only eight examples. However, this particular example came to light only in the 1990s, when restorer Ray Jones purchased Bugatti’s Type 59 frames from the Molsheim plant. Then the car was created with the help of a special coach and a design reminiscent of the Type 59, which was won by Robert Benuist in 1935 at the French Grand Prix.

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Like the Benoist racer, this Type 59 / 50S is painted blue and has a hand-painted “24” text. It sits on piano wire wheels with vintage tires and is powered by semi-elliptical front-leaf springs, inverted quarter-ellipse-like rear-spring springs and four-wheel De Ram shock absorbers. Braking is provided by wing drums at all four corners.

Then there is the engine. Eager to follow in the legacy of the car, Ray Jones once won the 4.97-liter extra-charged built-in eight that powered the Benoist 1935 race car. This engine has a lightweight aluminum sheet crankcase, an enlarged super charger, triple Zenith 48K carburetors and a set of split cast iron intake manifold. The built-in octane rear wheels are mated to a four-speed manual transmission controlled by a ZF limited sliding differential.

The interior is the right period. It has one seat upholstered in black, and on the passenger side there is an aluminum tone panel. Ray Jones also equipped the Bugatti with a small windshield, rearview mirror and a four-way steering wheel with a wooden frame.

The Bring a trailer The auction does not say how many miles the car has traveled, but it does confirm that it will be sold with a FIA historical technical passport, David Sewell’s authenticity report, photographs from the Molheim plant, restoration photos and copies of technical drawings.





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