RE Scramblerin is a digital concept – the dream of every biker

The best part about digital broadcasts is that the only limitation is that your imagination leads to great results, like the Royal Enfield Scrambler concept version.

Digital bike designers offer stunning iterations of popular bikes, a prime example of which is the RE Scrambler concept. RE Scrambler is a great choice for many riders, especially young people, to go on adventure trips. Lightweight construction, sturdy body and light maneuverability ensure that you are always in control, regardless of the situation on the ground where you decide to walk. Let’s take a look at the details of this unique digital illustration.

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RE Scrambler digital concept

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RE Scrambler digital concept

This is an iteration Abin designs invents interesting rendering of popular cars and bicycles. Initially, the overall look is masculine and rude. The front has a horizontal LED headlight inside the cluster of round LED headlights, the tires represent off-road focus with treads for maximum grip even on uneven surfaces, and the front fan brake disc is large and black. The spokes are reminiscent of old retro bikes. The handlebars are high, which is typical for such bikes, and the wind protection is significantly higher even for windy days and high-speed scenarios.

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It is possible to attach the electronic equipment to the handle, which is very convenient when you want to search for directions on the phone. The design of the red fuel tank is solid and the black stick around it serves as protection. The side panel has a set of 2 numbered tools with black graphics. The copper-colored drain pipe from the engine to the back, the back of which is decorated with black material. The Scrambler concept is similar to the one-seater design that is rare on retro-themed bikes.

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Digital Concept RE Scrambler
RE Scrambler digital concept

The rear looks even more beautiful and modern with compact LED turn indicators and a brake light and a thin curved tail layer. The rear wheel is much wider than the front tire for high speed and turning stability. However, the tread design is the same, providing maximum grip on uneven surfaces. In general, such unique digital iterations are mouth-watering and probably no one wants such a bike.

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