RE Bullet Maruti Ciaz hit (ANCAP -4 stars)

Our roads show the real construction quality and safety of cars, and this video shows how Maruti Ciaz performed in a critical situation.

In this video you can see RE Bullet Maruti Ciaz testing the build quality. The video was reported from the city of Hooligan in Mumbai. Maruti Siaz was tested by ASEAN NCAP, where she received an honorary 4 stars. But GNCAP is much stricter and checks the car’s build quality more deeply. Nevertheless, the true story of the bullet shows some interesting aspects of the construction of the Ciaz.

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RE Bullet Tests Ciaz improves quality

The video was uploaded by Pratek Singh, whose YouTube channel is designed to show the performance of popular cars during adverse events. It aims to raise awareness among Indian buyers about the urgency of buying a safe car. The accident happened on a narrow trestle coming from the opposite direction of Bullet and Ciaz. The exact cause of the accident is unknown. But they both seem to be speeding. As a result, Bullet collided with a Ciaz from the front left. The video contains images that affect both sides.

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Ciaz lesions are very obvious and severe. One side of the car is completely deformed. The bumper, side panel and headlight are badly damaged. Even the wheel seems to be affected and turned to the side. On the other hand, the Bullet tire and front guard were also damaged. The motorcycle is parked nearby and a deformed wheel is visible. The drivers of both cars were not injured.

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Creating quality RE Bullet Tests Maruti Ciaz

We would like to emphasize the need and importance of speeding. The main reason for most of the accidents on the roads is speeding. Especially in this case, the speed limit shown in the video is 30 km / h. If Ciaz and Bullet drivers were traveling at 30 km / h, they would have a better chance of driving and avoiding a collision. Remember to follow all traffic rules to make our roads safer.

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