QOTD: Which style of car is really aging?

The controversial design topic is in the spotlight today, and its main example is BMW. The brand seems to support its avant-garde design to win the next generation of car buyers. I can’t surprise you, is there anything wrong with that?

BMW designer Domagoi Dukek said that car design is not for the faint of heart, and that its requirements go beyond its proverb, and that history proves the authenticity of its wild creations. So has this happened before?

In particular, what controversial design is well outdated? As we start talking about BMW, we will continue to do so, and I will say that the brand’s very unpleasant Bangle era doesn’t look too bad these days.

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While I’m not against the fifth-generation E90 3 Series sedan, the E92 coupe looks really good. In addition, the E85 Z4 is very attractive these days due to its clean lines and the right proportions.

BMW is not the only carmaker to hire bold designers. Although I don’t think the current generation of the Mazda 3 was as controversial as, say, the Concept XM, I clearly remember that three-quarters of it was left behind. Now, but every time I see someone on the road, I don’t think it’s the most beautiful hatchback on sale today, I wouldn’t have said it when it was unveiled at the 2018 LA Motor Show.

In this regard, I said in the past that there is a direct correlation between the age of the Mercedes and its appearance. Every time the company offers a new car, I think it’s beautiful, but the younger it is, the better it looks to me.

Maybe it’s not that the designers are ahead of their time, but an indication of my slow rise. So what do you think? What controversial vehicle has influenced you the most over time?

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