2023 Tokyo Motor Show will be “reborn” as an all-industry exhibition in Japan.

Prior to the pandemic, a number of auto shows were struggling, and the situation seemed to have worsened, as a number of brands opted for more events and avoided old staples like SEMA.

In this context, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) announced the “rebirth” of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2023.

At a press conference last week, JAMA’s recent Tokyo Motor Show drew 1.3 million visitors, proving that they could attract more people “when working with other automotive-based industries.” Now they are doubling the idea, as they want to change the name of next year’s event to “All Industry Exhibition in Japan.”

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Although they don’t like the name, the intention is clear, because they want the show to cover more than traditional cars. As JAMA puts it, “We want to make it a place where a lot of people come together by working with all Japanese industries and engaging startups outside of mobility. We’re changing the name and the reality to make a whole new show, so look forward to it. “

We need to know what this means, but JAMA noted that “the strength of the Japanese automotive industry is not just passengers.” [vehicles], as well as a complete list of commercial, light and motorcycles. As a result, next year’s event seems to focus on many aspects of mobility, as motorcycles and semi-cars can be added to cars and crossovers.

Regardless of the name of the show, its return is welcomed in 2019 as the last car show in Tokyo. This is traditionally a biennial event, but the 2021 release was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic.

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