QOTD: What is your wildest car fantasy?

It is impossible not to be a big fan of motor art and not have a fantasy for a wild car. We’re talking about what you know, but it never happens, but your brain is passionate anyway. For example, the Lexus IS500 is more reliable and noisy than the Alfa Romeo Giulia with a 5.0-liter V8. Now we want to know what your car fantasy is.

Replacing engines can be one of the most popular fantasies. It’s hard to resist the idea of ​​using the best of the two platforms you like. For example, who would have thought that you could turn a Lamborghini V12 into a Fiat 500? Sure, it’s an extreme example, but aren’t we glad to see it now?

Maybe your dream is to have a truly unique, truly unique car or a copy. These cars often have a bad name, but sometimes they turn out great. We recently reviewed one such story about the Pontiac Fiero, a stunningly reliable Lamborghini Miura built on top of it.

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However, it is possible that your car imagination is somewhere else. Probably, this company passed with the intention to launch something like Chrysler ME Four-Twelve. Maybe you want a particular car company to build a specific car or car line. I would like to see Lamborghini switch to the old-school Rambo-Lambo model and turn the next Urus into an off-road LM002 honor.

It would also be great to see brands like Chevrolet, Chrysler and Buick make great strides in design and quality. Who doesn’t love the new all-electric Bel Air, Imperial or Wildcat? Each of them can make a big splash when you press the nostalgia button, which can convince other automakers to go with their products.

So what is your personal car fantasy? Let us know in the comments below.

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