Prodrive Subaru Impreza celebrated the 25th anniversary of the WRC victory with the 400-HP Paddle-Shift P25.

Prodrive, which was behind Subaru’s WRC success in the 1990s, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Impreza World Rally Car WRC debut with a P25 run with the restored and updated Imprezas logo.

The British company has developed the original Impreza rally cars for Subaru’s WRC program, and says the limited edition of 25 new cars will be inspired by both the rally car and the legendary Japanese Subaru 22B, which was created to celebrate its 1997 championship victory. .

Prodrive will unveil the P25 at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival next month, and before that presentation it was decided to release only one sketch and some very simple technical details. The picture shows the first-generation Impreza with two doors, the wheels of which look like 22B to the side, and the same Sonic is finished in blue. This may lead you to believe that the P25 is a simple sequel to the Aston Martin and Jaguar released in recent years.

But Prodrive says modern technology ensures that the P25 is more powerful, lighter and works better than the original Impreza. This engine produces 400 hp. (406 horsepower) confirms that the “excess” produces a 2.5-liter quad and is integrated with a six-speed semi-automatic paddle transmission instead of the original five-speed manual. Prodrive also claims that the P25 makes extensive use of carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the chassis.

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Original Impreza 22B (credit: 4 star classic)

The original 22B was made by Subaru in Japan, but 400 of the 424 are for the domestic market, meaning thousands of Impreza fans around the world missed this opportunity. This led to Prodrive creating a visually similar but slightly less exotic P1 for European fans.

Dave Richards, the founder of Prodrive, was probably the person responsible for developing the concept. “The original 22B Impreza Subarus is the most prominent and in great demand,” he said. “We wanted to improve everything that made this car unique by using the latest technology to create a modern interpretation of the car in the history of the car.”

McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens, who designed the original Rally cars for Richards’ P25 development team, and Prodrive technical director David Lapworth, who was responsible for the engineering side of the WRC program 25 years ago.

Prodrive says it is interested now and that the first of 25 cars will be delivered later this year. No word on pricing, but we think you’ll need a supercar-sized budget to get your name on the list.

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