Peugeot Partner Rapid is a twin car from Fiat Fiorino for Brazil

Stellantis is about electrification, but budget models are very important for automakers in parts of the world where pure ICE is alive and kicking. This applies to Peugeot’s latest LCV, called the Partner Rapid, which is actually a redesigned version of the Brazilian Fiat Fiorino.

Let’s start by explaining that the South American Peugeot Partner Rapid is a completely different vehicle from the EU partner / Rifter. Unlike the EMP2-based LCV, which has only recently been released on EVs in Europe and the UK, the Rapid prefix brings an outdated platform from Fiat Uno since 2010, but it has since received some updates.

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Under the hood is the latest version of the atmospheric 1.4 EVO Flex four-cylinder eight-valve engine. When the mill works with gasoline, it produces 84 hp. (61.8 kW) and 116 Nm (85.6 pound feet) or 86 hp when working with ethanol. (63.2 kW) and 120 Nm (88.5 lb-ft) of torque. Power is transmitted to the front axle via a five-speed manual transmission.

The most important thing for LCV buyers is the old box shape of the rear with a cargo capacity of 650 kg (1,433 pounds) and a cargo volume of 3.3 cubic meters (116.5 cubic feet). In terms of design, Peugeot Partner Rapid does not hide its connection with Fiat Fiorino. Both models are the same, except for different grids, Peugeot signs and Rapid letters on the side panels.

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This applies to the interior, where a beautiful simple control panel combines a screenless view. Buyers who want a modern luxury, such as air conditioning, steering wheel and electric windows, should choose the Business Pack finish, as the Start-up Business will not get any of these. When it comes to informational entertainment, the only option is to go to the next market specialist, as LCV doesn’t even come with a radio.

The Peugeot Partner Rapid is already available in Brazil at prices starting at 101,390 Brazilian reais ($ 20,046). This makes it slightly more expensive than the Fiat Fiorino, which starts at 99,990 Brazilian Real ($ 19,795) in the same market. Remember, there is a third brother in the family, Ram ProMaster Rapid for well-known markets in South America, such as Mexico.

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