Percentage of J&K vehicles in Kerala

Statistics are very important for understanding different aspects of anything. This includes the percentage of Indian households with a special survey vehicle.

Here is a detailed National Family Health Survey-5 (2019-2021) showing each state of India and how many people have a car in it. Today, India is one of the fastest growing car markets in the world. It is also the 5th largest automotive industry. However, the vast majority of people in our country own two-wheeled vehicles. This survey only covers households with a car in each state.

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People with cars in every state of India

To make it easier to understand and read, let’s divide the country into 4 broad areas. In the north, these states have the highest number of cars per household. These states make up the majority of the population with cars. This table summarizes the 5 states with the highest percentage.

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The state Percentage of people who have a car
Unallocated J&K 23.7
Himachal Pradesh 22.1
Punjab 21.9
Haryana 15.3
Delhi 19.4

In the South, Kerala boasts of a state with a very high percentage of people with cars. It is several kilometers ahead of other states. Check the list of other states and their statistics. Andhra Pradesh has the lowest interest rate in the region.

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The state Percentage of people who have a car
Kerala 24.4
Karnataka 9.1
Tamilnad 6.5
Andhra Pradesh 2.8
Telangana 5.2

In the central and western parts of the country, households with cars are very convenient. It should be noted that Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal have the lowest percentage of households with a car.

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People Cars State India
The state Percentage of people who have a car
Goa 45.2
Gujarat 10.9
Rajasthan 8.2
Madhya Pradesh 5.3
Chhattisgarh 4.3

The Northeast states also have the highest percentage of people with a car. This may be due to the topography and living conditions. Due to the mountainous terrain and remote areas, it is necessary to have a private car to travel.

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The state Percentage of people who have a car
Nagaland 21.3
Sikkim 20.9
Arunachal Pradesh 19.3
Manipur 17
Mizoram 15.5

In addition to the percentage of people who own a car, the average car population in India has increased by 7.5% compared to 6% in 2018.

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