Pagani will make his debut for the wonderful Huaira Kodalun at Goodwood

In 2022, the star of the Pagani stand at the Goodwood Festival will be the new Huayra Kodalunga, which will include Huayra BC with the Tempest package, Huayra R and Zonda R for the track only, as well as the disposable Zonda R Barchetta. .

The Huayra Codalunga is a long-tailed version of the Huayra with a body 14 inches (360 mm) longer than the coupe. Production is limited to five units and will cost $ 7.35 million (7 million euros) each. The new special Huayra also tastes like climbing Goodwood’s famous mountain top, so we hear the sound of its 829 HP twin-turbo V12 engine.

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Another Pagani on the roof is the Huayra R, an extreme aerocar and 838 hp. (625 kW / 850 PS) is a track-only version of the hypercar V12 with natural air that shouts. Judging by the previous videos, the sound of this track monster, similar to F1, will surely entertain the audience.

The latest Huayra-based model in this year’s Goodwood will be the Huayra BC coupe with the Tempest package. Upgrades to the Huayra BC stock include a new splitter with built-in input, a rear spoiler with a central shield, six valves, a redesigned suspension unit and an 816-horsepower version of the twin-turbo V12.

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The other two Pagani models on display at the event are based on the legendary Zonda. We are talking about the famous Zonda Revolucion and the disposable Zonda Revo Barchetta, which crashed lightly in 2019 at Goodwood FOS. The latter is probably the most amazing of them, as it combines the features of the Zonda HP Barchetta with the performance of the Zonda R.

In 2022, the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival will be held in West Sussex, UK from June 23 to 26. Pagani will debut his next supercar – called the C10 – in September as the successor to the decade-old Huaira.

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