Overland Expo 2022 GMC chooses Sierra AT4X as it is the best assembly platform

When we drove the brand new 2022 GMC Sierra AT4X, we loved how capable it was at the end of the road. Now the participants of Overland Expo 2022 have decided to make it the basis of their ultimate land transport, which will be presented at the exhibition, which will be held from 8 to 10 July this year. We can’t think of a better way out of the net.

The AT4X is the most convenient way to go off-road thanks to its stylish features such as excellent Multimatic DSSV shock absorbers and massage chairs. The modifications that Overland Expo is focusing on expand the chances of this truck enjoying long journeys without returning to civilization.

The most notable modification is a new flat tray with an accompanying partition box instead of the old pickup bed. It was developed by the Australian company MITS Alloy North America and has more features than its simple appearance.

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The roof box itself has a damper system to insulate against vibration and bending, which can affect the tray itself. An eight-gallon water tank with an external tap is also included, and inside the tent box you can find a full electrical box.

It receives power from a solar panel attached to the top of the roof and is controlled by REDARC RedVision Manager30. The CRX 110 is powered to keep food and other items cool on the go.

The 17-inch wheels offered by ICON are wrapped in 33-inch Firestone Destination M / T2 rubber. After a long day on the road, these tires can be ventilated with an on-board compressor, which also controls the pneumatic springs mounted on the rear axle.

No modifications have been completed to the Sierra AT4X power unit, but an additional MagnaFlow cat sucker has been added, which provides better flow and a little more noise. However, it is one of the most competitive packages and will go on sale later this year.

At the end of the show season, the organizers of Overland say that this truck will be put up for auction. All proceeds will go to the Overland Expo Foundation.


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