One of Geico’s customers was ordered to pay $ 5.2 million to a woman who contracted a sexually transmitted infection in an insured car.

Geico has been ordered to pay $ 5.2 million to a woman infected with HPV from one of its customers in a Hyundai car insured by the company. The verdict is still pending, but it was upheld by the Missouri Court of Appeals.

The woman, who is suing Geico for damages, said she filed a complaint with the insurance company in February 2021. At the time, she said she was infected with HPV, a human papillomavirus, from her husband, a man then insured by Geico. His car is a 2014 Hyundai Genesis.

Instead of resolving the case, Geiko decided to send it to arbitration. An important factor in the case is that, according to the woman, only M.O. and her partner M.B. He did not disclose STIs, despite the fact that he knew about them personally. The arbitral tribunal confirmed that the couple had indeed had sex in the car and that the man had not informed the woman of his condition.

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With that in mind, it is easy to understand where he came from, as he was seriously injured while in this insured car. In fact, even $ 5.2 million corresponds to such injuries, said Miguel Custodio, a personal injury lawyer, who went on to explain the situation.

“The lesson here is that we need to expand the scope of injuries to people … Many people don’t think it’s a car injury, but it’s certain,” he said.

So far, Geico has lost every application in this case. Now he is appealing to the federal court in the hope of relief. Eventually, if the court’s decision goes into effect, it could send a precedent wave across the insurance industry as policies need to be reconsidered to take that into account.

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