Now the hero’s electric photon EV is on fire

The tragedy of the electric scooter caching fire continues, and the last participant in this negative list is the Hero Photon EV electric scooter.

Hero Electric Photon EV caught fire in Odisha. This latest incident exacerbates the difficulties of the EV industry, which is witnessing continuous fires in India, especially in electric scooters. It is important to note that Hero Electric is the largest manufacturer of electric scooters in the country, but this may be the first reported fire. The rest were mainly startup companies producing electric scooters. Here are the details of this tragedy.

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Character Photon EV rises to the fire

The latest incident was reported by Odisha, whose owner was charging an electric scooter at home. He heard a sudden squeaking sound and saw a flame coming out of the EV charging plug. As he was about to unplug the plug, a fire broke out in the back of the electric scooter. A few minutes later, the entire tail of the Photon electric scooter caught fire. The fire also damaged several nearby household items. Fortunately, no one was injured. This increases the sludge of electric scooters, which burns during charging.

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According to an investigation by Hero Electric, the homeowner later said that the cause of the fire was not an electric scooter battery, but a plug-in plug used for charging. The investigation team confirmed that the AC phase wire and the ground wire were in contact with each other, causing a short circuit. The fuse, which prevents short circuits, failed and the fire could not be controlled. Hero has committed to helping the user replace burned components and repair the scooter to make it fit again.

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Recently, a Hero Electric Photon EV caught fire and turned to ashes while the owner was charging a scooter at home.

This includes many other cases where the battery of an electric scooter burns out while charging or in the sun. It could be one of the reasons for the burning of electric cars in the country. We hope that the electric car industry will address these fire issues and find concrete solutions in the near future.

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