New Bentley Azure models want to “charge your mental batteries”

Bentley has unveiled a range of Azure models that are a new specification available for its five model lines, including Bentayga, Bentayga EWB, Flying Spur, Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible. Azure’s finish focuses on role-playing well-being, reflecting a “stress-free” interior and a complete set of ADAS.

Bentley has teamed up with welfare experts and neurologists to provide its customers with a quiet environment where they can “recharge their mental batteries.” In other words, Bentley is struggling with stress, which has reached record levels in recent studies, even among Bentley customers. Thus, the Azure trim is marketed as a wealth-oriented alternative to the performance-oriented Speed ​​trim.

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The first model to be developed by Azure was the flagship Bentayga EWB, the finish of which was extended to all models. Visually, they feature the Azure logo on the front wings, a new set of 22-inch ten-sided wheels, a “research” filler cap and a light chrome bottom bumper grille. In addition, the Flying Spur Azure is equipped with a glass-to-glass panoramic sunroof with a sloping front panel, while the Continental GT Azure receives a fixed panoramic hatch.

Inside the cabin, we find Azure logos on illuminated treads, dashboards and chairs. Most importantly, Bentley’s color and finish designers, following the advice of neurobiologists, created an eye-catching blanket. Buyers can choose from 15 skin colors and many veneers, but Bentley offers three lightweight porous veneers: black walnut, crowned walnut, and coa.

All models are equipped with heating and ventilation functions, six programmable massage settings, adjustable side supports, electric seat belt adjustment and a front seat comfort feature that offers 22-way adjustable seats with comfortable headrests.

NVH and driving comfort are very important for a stress-free environment inside a moving car, Bentley is already in high-altitude areas. Standard equipment includes a Bentley Dynamic Ride, a sophisticated 48 V active anti-rotation control system that offers smooth ride. In addition, the Touring specification covers the full range of ADAS, which makes driving easier, safer and, according to Bentley, less stressful, especially when driving.

Bentley has not yet announced the price of the Azure versions, but we believe that due to its additional features, it will be higher than the basic finish of each model, but lower than the high-quality Mulliner versions.

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