MINI introduces a crossover concept by announcing a new design language

Mini begins a new era of design with the introduction of its new charismatic simplicity design language. This language will be previewed next month with the release of the full electric crossover concept.

All future Mini models are based on the power architecture and, with their new design philosophy, reduce the number of Mini components and instead focus on important design elements. He wants future models to “achieve an emotionally, intuitively relevant fit” and ensures that each future Mini model has “its own charisma, based on the core of the brand, confident and self-explanatory.”

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The mainstay of the new design language will be the use of advanced LED technology in the taillights of Mini models, which provides a typical design of the Union Jack with a unique light signal for each model. The next generation of small studies also removes most of the chromium elements.

Stability is a key factor in Mini’s Charismatic Simplicity design language. For example, the concept is free of leather and focuses on the use of secondary raw materials along with natural and recycled materials. It uses a full digital round display with a modified user interface, but the Mini design team has chosen to store some important analog controls, including switches.

“The future of MINI design is based on the courage and perseverance to create change and establish a unique and unique profile in the brand,” said Oliver Heilmer, head of Mini Design.

The only teaser of the above crossover concept has been released. Mini says the concept “shows how technological innovation and progressive interpretation of personal mobility are taking the brand’s design language into the future.”

After the next-generation Cooper S EV prototype without any camouflage was unveiled in China late last year, we know exactly what to expect from the new design language of the Mini. He made a particularly bold statement with the overhauled LED taillights and the presence of black accents rather than chrome.

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