McLaren Artura GT4 Racer debuted without a hybrid road transport system

The McLaren Artura GT4 racing car debuted at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival in 2022 ahead of its dynamic debut. The new model replaces the 570S GT4 running on the V8 with an ICE-only V6 power unit that runs on the road without the Artura hybrid system, depending on the rules of the race.

From the outside, the GT4-specific Artura comes with an orange, gray and blue lever for the race, as well as a new air package. The latter includes a larger divider, canaries, fan cover and adjustable wing mounted on the back, all of which allow you to shoot much lower than the outgoing 570S GT4. Customers who plan to use the Artura GT4 for endurance racing can choose additional bulbs.

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Inside we find a FIA standard driver’s seat, an extra passenger seat, an adjustable pedal box, an additional beverage system, a steering wheel with 720S GT3-inspired illuminated buttons, as well as a cluster of Bosch DDU digital instruments.

The Artura GT4 is based on McLaren’s Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) monocoque, which makes it lighter than the previous version by 100 kg (220 lbs). Most importantly, the new mid-range twin-turbo V6 will replace the V8, which will have advantages in terms of response, weight, size and efficiency. Due to the lack of a hybrid system, the power unit is 130 kg (287 pounds) lighter than the Arthur on the road. Previously, the battery compartment is now used for the fuel cell and auxiliary drive systems.

The Artura GT4 is equipped with a Bosch Motorsport ECU and modular motorsport cables for the dual turbo V6. Power is transmitted to the rear axle via a special seven-speed transmission with a shorter ratio than the 570S GT4, powered by a mechanically limited sliding differential. Note that this is a different transmission than the conventional Artura, which uses 8-speed double-clutch without reverse gear.

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Suspension and brake cooling efficiency has also been improved over the outgoing race car, while the wider Pirelli tires on the front allow for more grip and less tires. Finally, maintenance is facilitated by an easily removable hood and rear body. Driver aids include ABS for motorsports, adjustable traction control, an additional tire pressure control system, additional V-Box telemetry and an additional collision avoidance system for track-ready ADAS.

The Artura GT4 can be ordered through McLaren Motorsport Retailers. The car will continue its development program with the first units to be delivered by June 2023. The model will take part in the Speed ​​Peak Festival in Goodwood with Rob Bell, the driver of the McLaren plant.

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