Mate Rimak said that Bugatti will prosper under the new partnership

Through its partnership with Bugatti Rimac, it has entered an important new era, and the man himself, according to Mate Rimac, the famous French carmaker will prosper in the coming years.

Talk to you soon CarRimak said he will be able to control the costs of the Bugatti as it adopts electrification to be more relevant to the automotive industry.

“Bugatti is very successful in terms of driving,” he said edition. “People are amazed at how useful each one is [Chiron] is; Of course I was. ” However, Matt Rimak noted that Bugatti has spent a lot of money on the development of new models, partly outsourced the work to other companies.

“It’s worth it [Bugatti] To build a Bugatti Chiron from a Bugatti Veyron with the same W16 engine and eight-speed transmission is more than we spent on developing the Rimac Nevera from scratch, ”he said.

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Earlier this year, Mate Rimac said it would continue to sell Bugatti models with combustion engines “for a while”, but the next Bugatti’s power unit was “highly electrified”. Much of the information about this new model has remained secret, but it seems to have been working for the last 18 months and is expected to be Heron’s successor. If so, you can expect it to offer an excellent level of performance.

Deciding on the future of the Bugatti brand, Volkswagen had to choose between investing billions in electric cars or eliminating the automaker altogether. Then came the idea of ​​uniting with Rimak.

“I think this new deal is a win-win,” Matt said. “It is a victory for us to have a great brand with a 113-year tradition. This is a victory for Volkswagen, because Bugatti has a great future, they have shares and we control the costs. This is a victory for employees as we expand. This is a victory for consumers, because we want interesting new products. We don’t just fight; we will prosper “.

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