Man makes coils on the highway Ford EcoSport, NABBED

In a strange but growing trend, police arrested a man who was making Reels on the roof of a Ford EcoSport in the middle of the road. It takes people too long to be influential on a social network. Interestingly, they are willing to risk their lives, as well as the lives of others, for a digital assessment in the form of some views and likes. This latest video highlights the dangers of this culture.

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Man makes videos on his Ford EcoSport

A video of this strange act was taken by someone on the road. It looks like the person filming the video is standing on the other side of the road. It seems that the man in the video wants to influence the social network or at least be one. He poses for Reels or TikTok for his post. He is trying to ride on the roof of his EcoSport SUV while someone else is filming him. In general, people try such tricks after seeing characters from Bollywood movies and add music to post them as videos on Instagram, YouTube Shorts or TikTok posts. He was reportedly arrested by police.

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It should be noted that such accidental foolish actions can be dangerous not only for people but also for others on the road, especially if they do it on busy roads. Road safety is still a big issue in India and people are afraid to drive here. This is partly due to such unwanted influences / vloggers that threaten the lives of themselves and others for multiple appearances on social media platforms. People try to come up with unique content and look for confirmation on the internet, but it can only be called dangerous and stupid.

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A Delhi resident has been arrested after a road user posted a video of him making a video on the roof of a Ford EcoSport.

At its peak, EcoSport boasts a strong and durable build quality. This is the reason why there are no signs of pressure or deformation on the roof of a compact SUV. The guy in the video looks very tall and in good shape, but the top holds him very impressively. Most cars do not have such a strong roof. In fact, at many roof stations, monkeys often jump on them and they easily fall into the pit. However, production of Ford cars in India stopped after September 2021.

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