Mahindra Narrow Petroleum and Diesel Tug of War

Rope pulling is a common way for YouTubers to test the power of two cars in real time, although it can cause potential damage.

Take a look at this unique tug-of-war between the petrol and diesel versions of the Mahindra Tar. Thar is the most popular lifestyle SUV in our market. Demand for SUVs is growing and it will take a long time for some options in some cities. The latest SUV and traditional styling make it an attractive offer for many people. Before we begin, we need to inform our readers that pulling ropes can cause serious damage to the engine and other mechanical parts. YouTubers may have taken appropriate precautions, but we do not recommend that you do this in your own car.

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Mahindra Narrow Petroleum and Diesel – a rope war

The petrol version has a 6-speed manual transmission, while the diesel version has a 6-speed manual transmission. In the first attempt, the diesel Thar can easily pull the gasoline version. However, the petrol driver Thar was new and did not turn off the tractor. He did it in the second round, which was a dead end between the two. Since the torque readings were the same, no one was able to pull the second one. In subsequent rounds, the diesel version overcame the gasoline model, but it should be noted that the driver of the Narrow Diesel began to accelerate ahead of time each time. These actions were performed on a dirty page.

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After a while, they drove Tars to the asphalt road. However, the result did not change significantly, as the driver of the diesel version continued to start early. In the end, they replaced the drivers and the result was logical. It was a dead giveaway, as both SUVs refused to move an inch. It can be concluded that the petrol and diesel versions of the tart can boast similar performance.

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Mahindra Narrow Petroleum and Diesel Tug of War


Thar comes with 2 engine versions, 2.2-liter turbo-diesel and 2-liter turbo-gasoline. The oil burner has a maximum performance of 130 PS / 320 Nm, and gasoline has a maximum performance of 150 PS / 320 Nm. Gearbox options for both engines – 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic with low-speed gearbox. You also get a gearbox and a mechanical locking center differential. Thar prices in the former showroom ranged from Rs 13.53 to Rs 16.03. The only direct opponent is Force Gurkha, who recently received a new genetic update.

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