Made of wood, this Lamborghini Vision GT will impress you

We are not surprised by some home-made supercar replicas born in Southeast Asia and a unique creation from ND – the art of woodworking – one of the most impressive arts we have ever seen.

You can learn ND – Woodworking on YouTube. In 2021, he made small Lamborghini Sian, Bugatti Centodieci and Ferrari 250 GTO replicas out of wood and recently decided to make a replica of the Lamborghini V12 GT Vision Gran Turismo for his little son.

The V12 GT Vision Gran Turismo is one of the most amazing concept cars offered by Lamborghini in the last decade, so it is clear that it is not easy to replicate its appearance outside the world.

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To start the project, the talented builder started by assembling a simple steel frame for the car and installing it with all the necessary suspension and brake elements to make it functional. A small electric motor was also installed. When the frame was finished, the builder sprayed everything and made a hood and a back cover that could be lifted remotely.

Then work began on the body, and while Lamborghini designed its Vision Gran Turismo concept with all the exotic materials, the body of this replica is made only of wood. In this clip, YouTuber shows that all the drama panels of the concept are cut, glued and made of wood before being attached to a steel frame. He even went to great lengths to make wooden brake calipers and wooden hub covers on the rear wheels.

The concept also inspired the interior of the replica, namely its futuristic-looking steering wheel. The fake engine cover is also made of wood, and several brightly colored LED lights also decorate the exterior of the car.

Interestingly, the title of the video shows that it took only 96 days to make a replica.


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