List of cars with low and high clearance! Which is better?

Land clearing also called walking height, a term used to describe the distance between the lowest point on the ground floor of a vehicle and the road. This is a common term when studying cars.

Manufacturers provide ground clearance along with vehicle specifications. This is usually measured in an empty vehicle. With people and cargo in the car, you can expect it to be less in real life.

Ground clearance varies depending on the model. It can be higher or lower from there. Read the article below to find out which type of cleaning is best for your car.

Measurement of vehicle clearance

Park on a flat, level road. Measure the distance from the lowest point under the car to the road. The lowest point is usually the midpoint of the axis.

sedans with high clearance

In 2017, the Indian Automobile Research Association (ARAI) officially approved the measurement of ground clearance by a fully loaded vehicle, not by the empty weight of the vehicle.

How important is land clearing?

Land clearing plays an important role in maintaining the stability and handling of the vehicle. Depending on the type of parking space, the ground clearance will also vary. SUVs usually come with the highest clearance of all vehicles, while racing cars have the lowest.

Garbage, speeding, unpaved roads, etc. Obstacles such as Adequate clearing will help you drive without damaging your vehicle.

i20 ground clearance

Here are some common obstacles and their average height:

  • Pits: 50 mm – 200 mm
  • Speed ​​switches: 100 mm – 150 mm
  • Stones: 40 mm – 450 mm

These heights are not fixed, so the average clearance is 170-180 mm for safe driving on Indian roads.

High ground clearance also means that the seats are installed above ground level. This makes the scene much clearer. It also means that the center of gravity of the car has increased. Failure to do so could result in the vehicle overturning.

Racing cars are released with a ground clearance for better speeds. In addition, SUVs are designed for rougher terrain. Therefore, their high ground clearance allows vehicles to avoid debris and recycle vehicles.

Land clearing of various vehicles

In fact, the higher the ground clearance, the better for the car. You can go any way without damaging the underside of your car.

Cars in different segments have different optimal clearances to suit their needs. We have an average ground clearance range for each segment shown in the table. These are only approximate values ​​and are not fixed for any particular body type.

Body type Average ground clearance
Sports coupe 135-140mm
Sedan 165 mm
Hatchback 168 mm
Compact sedan 170 mm
Small SUV 190-200mm
SUV 225 mm

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The best racing car in India

High ground clearing and low ground clearing

High ground clearance

  • High clearance means practical driving and good SUV.
  • Due to their large size, cars with high clearance can carry more cargo than others.
  • The center of gravity is high for these machines with high ground clearance. This is the only drawback of the buildings.
  • Hatchbacks and sedans, despite their small size, come with a clearance of 170-180 mm. For example, Ford Figo and Ford Aspire.
  • For this reason, SUVs remain the best sellers in the country. You can drive them on rough terrain, on smooth roads, and still walk smoothly.
  • They can easily manage all types of roads.

Indian cars famous for high ground clearance

Mahindra clearing the ground

Models Land clearing
Mahindra Alturas G4 244 mm
Isuzu D-Max MU-X 230 mm
Mahindra Tar 226 mm
Toyota Fortuner 221 mm
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 215 mm
Kia Sonnet 211 mm
Nissan Kicks 210 mm
Tata Nexon 209 mm
Putting effort into the gurkha 205 mm
Renault Duster 205 mm

Low ground clearance

  • Low clearance significantly improves handling as it reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity. Better handling means better performance.
  • Good driving and performance are important in racing cars.
  • The low design improves the aerodynamics of the car, which in turn increases the speed of cars.

Popular Indian cars with low clearance

Seltos Clearing the Earth

Models Land clearing
Hyundai Santro 160 mm
Maruti Suzuki Alto 160 mm
Maruti Suzuki Eco 160 mm
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 163 mm
Maruti Suzuki Swift 163 mm
Volkswagen Vento 163 mm
Maruti Suzuki Dzire 163 mm
Hyundai Aura 165 mm
Hyundai Verna 165 mm
Maruti Suzuki Celerio 165 mm

Adjustable travel height

  • Some brands produce cars that find a balance between these two categories. They are not as tall as SUVs and not as low as sports cars.
  • They usually come as executive sedans among other body types.
  • These vehicles have a clearance that can be adjusted by pneumatic suspension or by the controls on the vehicle, which adjusts them to the road they are on.
  • The adjustment changes the height, aerodynamics and handling of the vehicle depending on the altitude chosen by the driver.

So which is better – a car with a high ground clearance or a low ground clearance?

We tell you to choose a car that suits the type of road around you; a vehicle that matches the roads you travel regularly. The sports coupe is not for everyone and not everyone needs an SUV. Some can work well with medium-clearance vehicles, such as hatchbacks and sedans.

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