Lexus lowers the tone, but does not give up the spindle grid, despite the fact that consumers say it’s “off”.

The new Lexus RX and a special electric RZ usher in a new era of polarized spindle grids that lower the previously mentioned nozzle.

According to Koichi Suga, Lexus’ world chief design officer Car newsA study of the American market has shown that a large spindle grid is a “stop” for consumers and that the car must have the right balance of performance for styling.

“A lot of people say he looks like Darth Vader,” Suga said, adding that people have compared the grid to an electric razor as well as a monster in the Predator movie series.

Electrification offers the brand a wide range of options in the styling department, as there is no hot engine under the hood that requires cooling, and in fact, there is no requirement for a large grille or no grille at all.

“We want to keep the spindle shape. But the spindle is always based on the functionality that takes place under the hood, “said Shuga.

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Above is a 2022 Lexus LS sedan and below is a new 2023 RX SUV

For these reasons, a new design trend for Lexus is to introduce a grid in the design for a full “spindle body” style. The first cars to receive this new type of design will be the 2023 RX, the brand’s mid-size SUV and a completely new electric RZ.

The basic principles of the “spindle body” still include the same basic shape as the spindle grid, but now the lines between the metal sheets are blurred. On the nose of the new, fifth-generation RX, the front edge of the hood is more visible, the upper corners of the spindle shape are aligned with the body. As for the fully electric RZ, the entire fascia is filled, except for a small hole just above the splitter, but the spindle shape is still very clear.

The overall effect is a much more balanced design, with a small grid that draws all the attention to the rest of the car. Shuga said the philosophy is the result of listening to consumers.

“The execution of the new spindle is based on this training,” he said. “We need the right balance.”

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