Lanzante Scalps McLaren P1, assembles 5 spiders

How can you beat one of the most exciting road cars of the last decade, the McLaren P1? According to Lanzante, who plans to release a series of P1 Spiders, it is a literal addition.

McLaren has never offered a roadster version of its P1 hypercar, meaning Lanzante is looking for owners willing to slaughter existing P1 cars to do something even more special. The British supercar company has built a 375 ordinary P1, but Lanzante says it only provides convertible processing for five cars.

To ensure that the finished car looks as close as possible to the factory car, Lanzante enlisted the help of Paul House, who was responsible for the design of the original coupe. Neither he nor Lanzante’s engineers had an easy job, as the Spider conversion involved removing the central air intake from the roof, as well as its glass roof panels.

However, the changes are not limited to reorienting the air intakes and include subtle modifications to the front wings, doors and rear cover. While much of the P1’s structural integrity comes from its carbon bath, the Lanzante Spider has added additional reinforcement to the underside of the chassis to keep it from losing its rigidity.

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The team will also update the interior with a satin carbon fiber finish and a glossy black switch, as well as a weather-resistant and UV-resistant SuperFabric (but it should be HyperFabric). One of the confusing elements of the Lanzante is the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 and 903 hp. P1 hybrid drives with an electric motor that produces torque (916 horsepower) and 664 pounds (900 Nm). .

This is not the first time that the UK-based Lanzante Motorsport has focused on the P1. The firm is best known for winning the 24-hour Le Mans in 1995 with the McLaren F1, but twenty years later, when the McLaren P1 began converting GTR versions for track-only use on the road, it came to the fore again.

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