Land Rover has released the 2023 Defender 130 configurator for more than $ 119,575

Land Rover introduced its new, extended-length Defender 130 only yesterday, and American consumers who are already interested can design and price it themselves. With the help of the new configurator, the automaker has discovered both the ability to customize the SUV and how much each finish will cost.

Although Land Rover Defender 130 S starts at $ 68,000, we now know that Defender 130 SE starts at $ 78,300, Defender 130 X-Dynamic SE starts at $ 81,400, Defender 130 starts at $ 84,700, and finally, Defender starts at $ 99,900. (all prices are $ 1350 excluding shipping).

It all comes with a Land Rover 3.0-liter built-in six, which, in addition to the Defender S, has 395 hp. (295 kW / 400 PS). It is also equipped with a 3.0-liter I6 engine, but it is only 296 hp. (221 kW / 300). PS) for basic duty.

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The new model is an extended version of Defender 90 and 110. The length of 210.9 inches (5.358 mm) is 13.2 inches (340 mm) longer than these models and therefore takes up an additional row of seats. Most importantly, the angles of approach and break remain unchanged, only the angle of departure suffers slightly due to the additional length.

In an effort to maximize the price of the premium SUV, we built the Defender X with the $ 4,800 Explorer kit, which includes dirt, wheel arc protection, a raised air pump, a side-mounted gearbox, and more. there is. We also added a few black exterior accents, as well as $ 2,200, 22-inch glossy black wheels. There was no other way to raise prices on a well-equipped model inside, but we decided that the front center console refrigerator would sound like a civilized addition.

Along with WiFi, a tow pack and a few other accessories like some fancy wheel nuts, but interestingly, a pack of smokers is no longer expensive – we were able to raise the price of the car to $ 119,575. (including shipping costs).

But it’s too long, our stupidity with eight seats. If you really built it to take home, how would you build it? Check it out for yourself The Land Rover configurator is here and let us know in the comments.

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