Lamborghini builds the 20,000th Urus, making it the fastest-selling lamp of all time

The Urus SUV is officially the best-selling car in the shortest time since Lamborghini’s 20,000th model left the line.

Painted with Viola Mitra and featuring Urus black wheels and black brake calipers for the happy consumer in Azerbaijan, it gives it a slightly heavier metal vibration.

The Italian super SUV is responsible for doubling production of Lamborghini. Not only did production grow, but the brand’s San’Agatha Bolognese plant also doubled, from 80,000 square feet (861,113 square feet) to 160,000 square feet (1,722,226 square feet) to accommodate new vehicles. A total of 500 new employees were invited to the plant to help produce it.

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And this new production capacity is aimed at increasing sales of the brand. When it was introduced, more than 70 percent of orders for Urus came from customers who had never bought a Lamborghini before.

These consumers were also fans of the color. According to Lamborghini, the most popular colors selected for Urus through the Ad Personam program were Grigio Telesto, Blu Cepheus and Viola Pasifae.

It’s not just the colors, it’s what Urus collects under the hood. Drivers with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine produce 641 hp. (478 kW / 650 PS) and can use a maximum torque of 627 pound feet (850 Nm) to reach speeds of 627 miles (100 km / h). in just 3.6 seconds.

“Every year since we first introduced the Urus concept at the Beijing Motor Show in 2012, until its debut in the market in 2018, and every year since then, Urus has proven its speed and attractiveness as a true Lamborghini born of our super-sport heritage. the world’s first Super SUV, the LM 002, “said Stefan Winkelmann, chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “Urus is a great addition to our range of super sports models, providing a stylish and high-performance everyday car for our identifiers with a real Italian brand.”

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